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Stress Coat - 237ml - 8oz

API Stress Coat - 237ml

Getting caught in netting, being mishandled, interacting with dead and decaying matter – all of these can be a cause of great stress for fish and the natural reaction to this is the secretion of a mucus-like slime. A perfect stress reliever for fish, API’s Stress Coat is the solution to removing all that stress-induced slime. 

Enveloping more roles than just replacing slime, this stress coat acts a water conditioner that also removes chlorine and conditions tap water to be a liveable atmosphere to give your fish the ideal fin-flapping glide. What’s more, it also contains Aloe Vera, a natural component that treats tears in fins and any other general wounds. 

Still think it’s not impressive? By preventing the loss of electrolytes and protecting damaged tissue from getting infected, API’s Stress Coat isn’t all about de-stressing...it provides life and an environment to live in. 

Essential for use with new fish, in a new aquarium and when changing out the water.  

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